The Simpsons gameplay footage

Here's some gameplay footage from The Simpsons game, heading to Wii later this year. Unfortunately instead of the game's sound, we're treated to a guy jabbering.

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tantheman35 said:

Looks kind of fun I think. Might not be to bad.


um said:

I can't watch this on my Wii.


Scooby Jew said:

Neither of my browsers will play the video. I have the latest in flash players too, or so they say. I hate my computer with a large passion.


Splintercell4ever said:

Noah of the Nintendo Bunker: this game sucks!

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PHiRE said:

Good to see he's here, at least in spirit.

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Nova said:

Never speak of that guy. We all know why he was mentally banned from this temple of VG.

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AlexKidd said:

Looks good. Finally an original idea for a simpsons game and not just an imitation of another game with the character voices dubbed over the gameplay.

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