Toki Tori hitting WiiWare

We have news of a new WiiWare title under development by Two Tribes B.V.. It's called Toki Tori, in which you play a chick who sets out to rescue his brothers and sisters. You might be thinking it sounds like New Zealand Story, but this has puzzle elements as well as platforming.

Not an entirely new IP, there was already a Toki Tori game on the Game Boy Color published by Capcom. Although it scored well with critics, sales were low due to unfortunate timing. At the time of release the Game Boy Advance was already being introduced, killing off interest in the GBC.

This WiiWare effort will either be a sequel or a remake of the original. Details are sketchy at this stage.

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Diddy Kong Lover said:

This could be good.


k4m1l said:

That chicken looks pretty tasty but seriously, never played the game boy colour one, if it's good might get it.


Nintendoof said:

Chicken saving people. Where have I seen this before? Ah yes! Billy Hatcher! Oh no.


judasghost said:

The original GBC game was freaken AWESOME (and got hard as hell too). I can't wait until this bad boy hits the Wii.

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