Treasure Island Z gameplay video

Capcom have released a video showing off some of the gameplay featured in Treasure Island Z. It's an adventure game with some puzzle elements thrown in. You play as a pirate called Zack, your sidekick is a hovering bear / monkey type creature.

"Treasure Island Z" is currently a working title.

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stinky12694 said:

This is now on my list of must haves.


Master Foot said:

The Wiimote can make puzzle games much more challenging and rewarding. TIZ looks fun though.


asparaWIIgus said:

Sweetness. I think it's on my list of possibly good games, along with dewy's adventure, boogie, DDR and opoona.


Gonzo said:

It looks sort of fun, but not my type of game.


Hey said:

This looks really fun!


Captain Jamesman said:

Wow. I think this might be a good game to try out.


Chaos said:

Wow. I didn't realise that this game was so far into development - in English and everything, and it doesn't even have a final title! This looks awesome though. Definitely essential for any collection.


divinity boy said:

I thought this game would suck, but it looks pretty cool. It was funny when he used the centipede as a saw though.

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