Twisted Fusion, An Open Platformer On Kickstarter

Twisted Fusion, An Open Platformer On Kickstarter

Water Guns Done Right

Twisted Fusion is a Wii U exclusive that is currently looking for funding on Kickstarter. A game by Leuvision, the project needs only another £500, or around $850, for it to become a reality.

Twisted Fusion is set to feature fast-paced platform style gameplay. The player will play as Cora, a spunky redhead who wields dual water pistols. Luckily for her, the enemies are extremely vulnerable to water, otherwise she might have some problems on her hands.

Being an open platform, the levels will move seamlessly into each other. There will be lots of secret areas and new places to explore, adding some replayability to the game.

According to Twisted Fusion's Kickstarter page, combat will be one of the main focuses on the game.

A significant part of Twisted Fusion is its combat; your main attack (Cora's dual water pistols) have unlimited ammo, meaning she always has a means to dispatch her enemies even when her special weapons are depleted - this girl never backs down from a fight!

Twisted Fusion Kickstarter Page

For more information or to donate to the project, check out the Kickstarter site here.

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