Umbrella Chronicles developer interview

A video interview with the guys overseeing the Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles development has surfaced.

In terms of storyline, Umbrella Chronicles will attempt to fill the cracks left in previous RE titles. Perhaps worryingly, the developers say Wii users like things "easy", which is why they moved away from the RE4 style of game for this outing.

Umbrella Chronicles will be an FPS game but on rails. This meaning you have a set path through the game, albeit with some junctions, but you can't roam about as you please. It's been the cause of some debate, but rails are not necessarily a bad thing. Cautiously optimistic.

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um said:

Sounds great! The only RE game I've liked so far was RE4 because it was different from all the other RE games.


Scooby Jew said:

I wonder if they paraphrased those subtitles, because it took them forever just to say one sentence. "You can't miss it." (5 minutes later subtitles disappear).


cmk said:

I liked that interview. I want to get this game!

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