Wii to get gooey

Sometime in 2008 Wii will be getting a new physics-based puzzle game called World of Goo, according to the developers 2D Boy's website. Also heading to the PC, there's a trailer already available:

You'd have to admit, the trailer is cool. 2D Boy is an indie developer, a two-man outfit based in San Francisco.

We often hear about small games like these hitting the Wii in future, so it's hard not to be skeptical. Hopefully this one will materialize into something.

Also that Wii version of Gish would be nice.

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Unknown said:

Reminds me of Loco Roco.


Nintendoof said:

Whoa! Awesome.


Diddy Kong Lover said:

If there ever was a Wii game that could outdo Superman 64, this looks like the one.


Aeth said:

Hmm, looks like you need to use "Goo" to make structures in order to go through levels, using the goos to make bridges, reach higher places, and activate weight balances. Though I don't know what the goal to do this is for, though they have that "Buy Goo" soda can scene which might either be a funny cutscene or possibly the main point of the game. It is an interesting puzzle game.


Link Q said:

OH! It is already mine.


TruBlu said:

At one part it looked like the muddy stuff was going.. up(!) someone's digestive tract. I cannot play puzzle games for the life of me anyways.


Randolph the Grey said:

Looks like a creative new puzzle game. Not too many of those nowadays.


Quartz said:

Sweet, more 2D stuff. And yes, Gish would be nice.

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