Kirby's Block Ball | Game Boy

Published by Nintendo, Developed by HAL Laboratory

Genres: Action (1 players)

3DS: May 17th, 2012 (US) | Feb 9th, 2012 (EU)

Kirby's Block Ball

Kirby's back with fast-paced, four-way action!

It's a breakaway bash in this wild new Kirby game of block ball! By destroying the blocks on the screen, you clear stages and obtain powers that help in your final confrontation with King Dedede.

Paddles on all four sides of the screen make this an intense four-way action contest. Your quick reactions, and your careful use of Kirby's powers will determine your ultimate fate!

  • Fast-paced, block clearing action
  • Four-way fun puts your skills to the test
  • Multiple abilities, screens and stages
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