Deca Sports trailer

Hudson has released a trailer for their up and coming game Deca Sports, which they hope will rival Wii Sports.

Get ready for some of the most annoying music you're likely to hear.

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Pikachu said:

Looks good! I think I would buy it when it comes out.


Grrr said:

I just hope it is not the music from the game! So cheesy.


David K said:

Honestly that will easily be better than Wii sports. I mean Wii sports is good and all but it only lasts so long.


BrothaZ said:

Ya move your body, body, body. Looks like it'll actually rival Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games, and then get it's ass kicked.



This game might just rival Wii Sports. For some strange reason I like the music.


divinity boy said:

I don't want to say this but it actually looks pretty cool.


Scooby Jew said:

I really wish I read the warning. The music alone really downgraded my opinion on this game, but besides that I thought it looked pretty interesting.


i need a wiieww said:

Could music get more crap?


unityx3 said:

I honestly loved the music, maybe it's because of my bias towards everything Japanese.


Wiimaster said:

No not another sports game! Make more games like no more heroes please.

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John said:

Hmm, this could rival Wii sports, if the games actually use the wiimote well.


Leon Kennedy said:

This game looks promising. I would definitely buy one when it's out because I love sports games a lot.


Zendalf said:


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