WiiWare to get Flash games

WiiWare to get Flash games

According to a blog entry by Nicalis (the ones bringing us Cave Story), at a developer summit Nintendo announced Flash support for companies wanting to make WiiWare games.

No doubt this makes WiiWare a viable option to a whole host of new developers, but the worry is that a slew of shovelware could follow?

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Brawler 200 said:

That is music to my ears because I've got a Flash Media player, and it's my life's dream to make a video game.


Darunia said:

Man, there are going to be so many crappy games on there now.

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Nova said:

Think about all the good games, though, like portal: flash.


monkeylemur said:

This is amazing news. There are games on Newgrounds that are at least 10x better than all of the wiiware games combined together (no joke). Not to mention, Xgenstudios provide amazing games of which many support online play. If this isn't a good news for you guys, you guys are obviously missing out on some really good flash games like stick arena, gemcraft, mastermind: WC, etc.


Nintenjosh said:

Hm, pretty nice, Nintendo, pretty nice.


MediumBlueMetallic said:

Does this = Hulu on the Internet channel? Flash support should = updated flash player, which should = Hulu compatibility.


WiiNinja said:

Sweet! I've already got a few ideas.


coksuker09 said:

Cool me too.

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