Text chat in Mario Kart Wii

Text chat in Mario Kart Wii

New details about Mario Kart Wii have surfaced from Nintendo of Europe.

A good number of control schemes will be allowed, something for everyone. These include:

  • Wiimote inside the Wii Wheel.
  • Wiimote and Nunchuk combo.
  • GameCube controller.

When it comes to online, players will also have the chance to spectate on other races. Rooms can be created too, and apparently text chat is available while waiting.

A new channel will be added to the Wii menu specifically for Mario Kart. It'll allow users to compare their best times with others and download ghost racers to compete with. Events organized by Nintendo will also feature.

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User comments


Tennindo said:



wiiboy101 said:

Basically a full on online setup, sweet. You don't have to use the steering wheel, it's just a casual thing - oh look I'm steering a car. I think it's wiimote on its side for mii, easy tight motion steering and easy to reach d-pad for attacks etc and 1/2 for brake accelerator. Easy to pick up and easy to use, but cube pad support sounds sweet.


k4m1l said:

Sweet, once brawl is out, this is the next game I'm waiting for.


Wii Freak said:

Now I want this game.


Randomer said:

This looks awesome.


ToTaLgAmEr said:

This is kewl, but that 12 digit friend code still makes the wii's online pretty flawed. Except for medal of honor heroes 2, that online setup was almost perfect. Although you could only talk to people using 12 preset messages.


YoshLee said:

Awesome I'll be getting that channel.


YourMOM said:

Very nice.


wiibeaner said:

This game is sweet. I'm totally gonna get this. The specific channel is cool too.


neil said:

Nunchuk. Son.


insultman911 said:

I want to talk.


Crimson Fang said:

So, it has most of the online features people wanted in Brawl? That sounds interesting.


wiiman said:

Now only no friend codes and it would be better than brawl.


Diddy Kong Lover said:

I'll probably use the Wiimote on side in Brawl and Steering wheel in MarioKart. Although I still wish there was an official Gamecube port end adapter for N64 controllers.


Splintercell4ever said:

Why can't they just add voice chat like every other frigging console.


Master Foot said:

I'm actually a bit hesitant about using the wheel because other implementations of this control scheme have been hit or miss. Maintaining a good racing line is critical to winning and the controls have to be tight. This is the Gran Turismo 5 killer! Goodbye Pagani Zonda Racecar, hello 500cc Race Kart.


TruBlu said:

Yeah, this could only made MK Wii more awesome.


Nintendoof said:

Very nice! The texting will definitely gain popularity.


Doc Yoshi said:

I'm looking forward to this game. As I do with most Mario games.


davyt 0247 said:

Nice, the most control schemes of any game I have ever seen. I can't wait for this (besides Brawl, of course). I think you can also use the Wiimote NES style, or the classic controller too.


jskrdude said:

I hate typing with the Wii's on-screen keyboard.


Jinchuuriki 88 said:

Amazing. I love this game.


i need a wiieww said:

Sounds good, I'll have to make sure I save up for this.


Step said:

Can't wait- my wife and I will be online, racing up a storm.


Bang Em Banks said:

The text chatting isn't better than voice, but it will do. If you don't like the Wii on screen pad typing then get a usb keyboard. It doesn't have to be fancy, just practical. Who gives a damn if I can hear your voice or not? I just want to race and laugh and have fun. This will be cool to see if it works, and we will finally be able to make some Wii friends with the same interest.


Wiipaw said:

Uh, I have this game, but where is the text chatting?


diamonde said:

Mario kart Wii I need to versus people.



I want to race.

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