Hanenbow stage in Brawl

Hanenbow stage in Brawl

Electroplankton has its own stage in Super Smash Bros Brawl, it's proper name is Hanenbow.

You can unlock this by finishing Event 28 (Flower Blooms in the Echoes).

An artistic stage at heart, you won't be able to hear your own choice of music here. The Hanenbow are the pink things that move around the area, each time they hit a leaf a sound will be made.

Party like it's 1984.

You cannot harm me, for I am leaf.

Pacman used to be cool.

.. what are we doing here again?

You can sail the seven seas.

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SkullHydra said:

This stage is very annoying to play at.


bowling4bear said:

I can't say that I like this stage, it is a novelty and that is about it. The scrolling donkey kong level is better than the ice climbers level in melee, but still not a favorite. Also Mushroomy Kingdom (because it scrolls), Mario Bros. (because it's cheap), 75m (too many small platforms), New Pork City (random platforms with screen far away), and Distant Planet (small and gimmicky) are among our least favorite stages.

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Nova said:

This stage is awful. It is too hard and too many places aren't platforms even though they look like it.


Master Foot said:

I know that there are some zany stages, but this is ridiculous. What's next, a plain white background and a black line?


theykilledkenny said:

I don't particularly like this stage, but it is creative. I lol'ed at the Spongebob reference. Great job, WW.


Crimson Fang said:

Try using Triple Finish on the tree. The whole thing starts moving!


ToTaLgAmEr said:

This stage sucks, it was really hard to unlock because I play all events on hard difficulty only, and it's not worth it at all.


Wiipaw said:

Bowling4bear, OUR least favorite stages? Speak for yourself.


#1 Peach Fan said:

I don't really like this stage, it's strange.


Weber said:

This stage looks pretty basic. Still, it is a little clever in design.


Nintendoof said:

I hate it, only because you can't swim in the water.


DragonFoxCoon said:

Hey, Master Foot, isn't the Pictochat stage a blank background with a black line?


AA said:

You guys are crazy! This is one of my favorite stages. It's really pretty and chaotic to play at.


Quartz said:

That game was so awesome! I played it once.


Random said:

The flaw with this level is the inability to swim- I mean, is the water somehow magically different here? Even the older melee stages have been redone so the player can swim. C'mon Nintendo. Other than that, Brawl totally rocks!


Plaugefiend said:

Everything is flat too.


Frogman said:

Well Master Foot, I think this game has got you covered. Remember Pictochat.


pichu fan said:

Mario bros and 75m are not that epic, but are pretty fun. I even like this stage because it is so peaceful and beautiful. But I agree with new pork city, it is too big. Though it is easier to get the smash ball if your opponent is far away.


Wii Freak said:

When I played this stage online with my friends, they killed themselves on purpose, causing me to win.


Wiipaw said:

Why Wii Freak? They must have HATED this stage.


Tabuu said:

It is me Tabuu. I think this stage is way too simplistic and not worth it.


Zelda rocks said:

Well, in my opinion, this stage isn't bad. The only thing I would want- to swim in the water.


ToyBot said:

I love this stage.

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