Strong Bad selling best on WiiWare

Strong Bad selling best on WiiWare

Since release a week or so back, Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People has been selling strongly on WiiWare. Much stronger than the version on PC according to analysts. PR expert Emily Morganti commented:

"Anything that comes out on WiiWare is going to sell a huge amount because it's a WiiWare title, but comparably both of them are selling really well. We're really happy with the numbers for both. The Wii just has a much bigger audience".

The second episode of the series will be called Strong Badia the Free, no release date given.

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ColdFusion said:

Might just sell so much because everyone thinks they are attractive or cool.


Nintendoof said:

Expected. But still pretty cool.

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Nova said:

Nice. It deserves it.


robotninjapirate said:

The first was funny, but it kept DANG FREEZING.


Diddy Kong Lover said:

Gimme a break LostWinds was better.

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