Classic Controller Pro

Classic Controller Pro

The official website for Nintendo in Japan has a listing for a remodeled Classic Controller.

Dubbed the Classic Controller Pro, it features repositioned shoulder buttons, added side grips.. and a cable that comes out the top instead of the bottom.

The Japanese will see it in stores this Summer. There's currently no mention of a US release, would you be interested in buying one?

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topgeareasy said:

Nintendo copy playstation controls again.

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Nova said:

When did they copy them before? I can't think of a single controller that looks anything or feels anything like a playstation controller.


Vive la Ouii said:

Why not make it wireless while you're at it. Shameless moneymaking.


wiiboy101 said:

I'd like a gamecube layout option. Yes I know you can use gamecube controls but they're hard to get new. I love the blatant PlayStation look, it's Nintendo's way of sucking in more users who are used to dualshocks.


kangus said:

Actually, you could argue the ps copied the snes controller and threw in joysticks, so..



Playstation controls suck so I will pass.


MediumBlueMetallic said:

I agree with kangus. The PS controllers are most similar to the SNES controllers. The Classic Controller is virtually identical to the SNES controller, with the addition of joysticks in the only logical location.


Diddy Kong Lover said:

Hey togeareasy eat this, PlayStation is actually knocked off of SNES but smaller, less comfortable and the joysticks came from Nintendo 64. If they wanted classic they should have made it an arcade stick.


wiiman said:

It would be a buy if wireless, and if it worked with gamecube games.


brinkofhumor said:

Yeah, give us some wireless and work with the Gamecube games and we'll talk.


wiiboy101 said:

Nintendo copied WHO.. history lesson: The dualshock copied the snes controller. Then n64 came out with analog, sony added 2x analog to the snes copy pad. So who did Nintendo copy, themselves? It's a snes evolution. Sony fanboy stands utterly corrected.


Son Ninja said:

So Nintendo finally made minor good changes to the Wii classic controller. The wire placement is now coming from the top and not bottom, triggers buttons are align parallel to each other just like Dual Shock and SNES (which I like) and the two analog joysticks are much more spread out then before, it looks good. A few improvements I might add though are rumble vibrations (for playing N64 games), a Z trigger button on the rear side of the controller (some N64 games really need this button such as Mario Kart 64, it makes shooting a koopa shell so satisfying), and also perhaps make the SELECT and START buttons more like the classic pill shape buttons they used to be and not those puny round M&Ms Minis types found on the Wii remote.


Ade said:

Can't be used with Star Wars Lego III. So annoying.

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