Suikoden VI for Wii

Suikoden VI for Wii

This is firmly in the rumor domain for now, but there's word that the next installment in the Suikoden series, Suikoden VI will be developed for Wii. Some details of this are said to appear in the next issue of Jump magazine.

The franchise is completely new to me, but apparently the games are of the RPG type, with turn-based combat action. The storyline makes use of 108 main characters and revolves around things like politics, corruption and mystical runes.

Published by Konami, the Suikoden series has previously limited itself to Sony's consoles. It's also critically acclaimed, particularly the first three games. If it does jump ship to Nintendo it'll be good news for everyone (well, almost everyone).

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dave said:

Awesome. I played the original on PlayStation, and it was a fine game. I'm glad to see the Wii getting good titles like this, since it is continuously denied games like Bionic Commando and Street Fighter 4.


Diddy Kong Lover said:

Let's hope this tells Square to jump ship and bring Final Fantasy home.


wiimaster said:

Awesome. Hopefully it's true.


Nintendoof said:

Suikoden?! Really?


yo said:

I just hope this rumor is true, and I don't care which console it's on any more. As long as the game finally comes out I'm happy.


Ferox said:

God I loved the first Suikoden! I hope this will be better than 3 and 4 though.


doglover said:

The only ones it's not good for is probably sony.


Ehryl said:

I wish it would be on Wii. It would be much better, I don't need fancy graphics.


FireRescueAuror said:

I agree with Ferox. It must be better than 3 and 4. I am a huge fan of the Suikoden series. 1 and 2 were some of the best games for Playstation. With 3 and 4 it went downhill but they came back greatly with 5. I do not own a Wii but I will buy the system just to play Suikoden 6, that is how great the games are.


kittybabz said:

I have to agree with you. I have all three consoles so I would not miss that game. I hope it come out soon though.


sk8 g said:

Hell yeah. Fire on Suikoden.


bobo said:

Actually, Suikoden III was more successful than IV and V. Suikoden V had less sales than the previous games because of IV. However, I really hope the next game is in Wii.


Dunan said:

I only agree that Suikoden IV is a downfall, not Suikoden 3. Suikoden V's sales are not high because of Suikoden IV.


Bri said:

I loved every suikoden game. I was really upset with IV for the first hour I played it but by the time I beat it I went through it again right away. But I and V are my favs. As far as it going for the Wii, part of me hopes so because I own a Wii. And I've already made the decision that suikoden VI will be the only way to get me to buy a PS3. If it's on the xbox, I will shoot somebody.


TJ said:

Suikoden I and II are the best from the series. I own all of them up to V. IV was definitely the downfall. I think Tactics story was better than IV. But they bounced back with V. I hope VI just comes out, the system doesn't matter to me. I just hope they decide to bring up the story of the ninjas of the game Fuma, Kage, Sakura, Watari, etc.


MiraShibuya said:

Oh my god, I hope it's multi-platform. Actually, I don't have Wii, but rumors going around, it might be true however. Hope we'll get to know the news soon! I can't wait! And yeah, hope it is better than Suikoden Tierkreis, and the others.


DeamonWinters said:

I have a Wii and it's all good and stuff, but Suikoden should stick to the PlayStation, like it has been. Wii is more active and family games, which isn't what Suikoden is. It's a turn based RPG which the PlayStation has more of than any of the other systems. Besides the RPGs that the Wii does have kind of suck or have majors flaws for example the Fire Emblem game which forces you through the story line with no extra time to level up your characters. If it's made for the Wii and the PlayStation 2 or 3 I have no complaints but if it's made only for the Wii, no offense to the series but unless you can use the Gamecube controller this game is going to suck.


Holsety said:

Hmm the 1 vs 1 duels with your wiimote and nunchuck, that would be awesome.


suikosource said:

Whaaaaaaat? Really.


Yamerga said:

I played I, II, IV & V and II is definitely the strongest. Although I find that all of the installments are awesome. One of the reason behind their success is the rich world they have created, like Star Wars- only less enormous. @DeamonWinters Agreed, I would personally prefer to have it in Playstation (although I don't own one yet). Although, restricting it to Playstation alone wouldn't help them financially, reason being RPGs are not faring so well thus far. As such a multi-platform would be the best choice. I do think that if they make it a Wii exclusive isn't a good idea though.


R said:

It won't be mult-platform. It's going to be on the PS3. The Wii is ill-suited for a game of Suikoden VI's magnitude. Stick to peddling weak-sauce shite like Wii-Sports and whatever the hell else it has.


An said:

I just hope that Suikoden VI will be on PS3. It's definitely more suitable. Or at least on both Wii and PS3.


Mithica said:

Screw Nintendo and everything after snes. They don't deserve to be graced with the fine wine that is suikoden. Die in a fire.


SuperManlyDude said:

@Mithica - Please tell me why you're on this website. Why would you have a valid reason to comment on here if you hate Nintendo? If you have a problem, then go rant on the boards of whatever console you worship. You didn't see my crying on Sony fansites when Mega Man X made the jump to the PlayStation. What did I do? I went and played the Playstation games. Deal with it and grow up. By the way, everyone else, I'm really excited about this game. Loved the games on the PS1, can't wait to see what they can do on the Wii.


YoshLee said:

SuperManlyDude: Thank you for using logic. Anyone who is seriously a big enough of an idiot to limit themselves to one gaming company/console producer, has their head stuck so far up their a** they're in danger of choking. I can understand if someone has a preferred brand/company but seriously. Mithica: Yes I can see how the N64 which revolutionized 3d gaming, and despite having a limited library of licenses and games, was still able to deliver stunning amounts of triple A titles, and you are aware that part of the reason the GC came in last on the sales chart was because it didn't invoke any multimedia features.


Brian H said:

The only amazing Suikoden game was Suikoden 2. I only played 2 and V but reviews tell me V was the next best thing (aside from the first one) and five isn't even on par with 2. They better do a serious overhaul on this one, possibly remake or have a similar story to S2, the whole becoming a king thing was good because it was a surprise. If they do it AGAIN like in SV make it towards the end of the game, starting as royalty kind of blows it because playing the sort of games is about building up your character, please. Have good graphics this time, and if a scene is going to drag out, make it all verbal, I get tired of reading pointless parts of the game. SUIKODEN 2 is outstanding. Let's hope this one is epic, as I'm thinking number 2 may have been a fluke.


disappointed said:

I hope that Konami does not make the mistake of releasing the sixth installment of Suikoden on Wii. Aside from it being the worst quality next-gen system, its capabilities would not do the Suikoden series justice. As for the person that said Square should "get a clue and bring Final Fantasy home": ROFLMAO. Square focuses on the art that goes into video games, they would never step down to Wii.


cfr said:

Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I talked with a Sony Rep today and she said that Suikoden 6 will be for the PS3, though no release date has been set.


loco said:

I want to know about yuber, viki and jeane. A parallel world?


xinz said:

The IV is a let down. II is the best. But I agree it should just stick to sony.


Suikodenfan said:

Great xD. It'll be release on PS3.

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Matty said:

If It's released on the PS3 I will friggen die. Sony has had so many darn problems, I'm sick of them. KONAMI, PLEASE RELEASE IT ON THE Wii, or hell, even the 360. *prays to the Konami Gods* If they at least release it on BOTH systems, I'd be happy.


Prem said:

Konami should be wise, they know suikoden has bunch of fans, so please RELEASE THEM ON ALL CONSOLE, you know graphics is not a problem as long as we can play it, and hei, you will get more profit if you release it 4 all.


aditz said:

I prefer if suikoden 6 released on PS(PlayStation).

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