Flowerworks HD: Follie's Adventure

Published by Nocturnal, Developed by Nocturnal

Genres: Adventure (1 players)

US release date: Apr 17th, 2014 | EU release date: Jul 3rd, 2014

Prices: $6.00 (US) | £4.00 (UK) | €4.44 (EUR)

Flowerworks HD: Follie's Adventure

This is a HD re-release of the WiiWare game Flowerworks.

Follie has mysteriously crashed on an unknown planet. Solve the mystery and help Follie escape!

During a routine space trip, Follie's ship mysteriously malfunctions and crash lands on Elilia, losing all her precious Flowerwork seeds. Before long, her very sanity is threatened by drab surroundings and uncooperative gnomes.

Help Follie find her seeds, use Flowerworks to transform her surroundings and show those gnomes who is boss on the way to unlocking the secret of Elilia.

  • Flowerworks has 5 difficulty levels to cater to all skill levels, but beware - becoming a Flowerworks master in this 20hr puzzle/adventure game is not for the faint of heart!
  • Flowerworks HD is a high-definition, 1080p/60fps remastered version of the WiiWare release Flowerworks.
  • Flowerworks HD supports two-player cooperative play, off-TV play and supports both the Wii U Pro Controller and Wii Remote.
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Looking at the screenshots for the Wii U eShop game Flowerworks HD: Follie's Adventure, you can probably tell that it might not be the greatest game. Whether it is because of the cheesy graphics or the silly way it presents itself, you can tell something is off about this game....read full review

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