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Published by Nintendo, Developed by Nintendo

Genres: Party / Education (2 players)

US release date: Feb 12th, 2007 | EU release date: -

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Fun for what it is.

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So you want to play multiplayer on your Wii but aren't sure if the extra 5 or 10 bucks is worth spending to get this with the wiimote? The answer is that you should pay the little bit extra. It's fun on single player and multiplayer is endless hours of fun to play.

Onto the games themselves. You get 9 in total. 2 are pretty boring but the other 7 are great.

Wii Play screenshotTable Tennis: You just move the paddle across the screen in order to hit the ping pong ball. Sounds easy doesn't it? It's not, it's very hard. As your score increases so does the speed at which the ball gets relayed back to you. Graphics wise it's ok. There's not much you can do with table tennis after all. (7/10)

Shooting: This is pretty fun and is a perfect example of how the wiimote functions as a gun. Targets randomly pop up and you shoot them for points. It's as simple as that. The last level has spaceships flying over head who will abduct your Miis if you're not careful. Shoot them saucers down or not if you want to see some very funny abductions. (8.5/10)

Billards: The best multiplayer game on this compilation. Just aim at the white ball pull the wiimote back and then push forward to hit. The harder you push the wiimote forward the harder you will hit the white ball. You also have to hit the balls in the order the Wii says and if you don't you get fouled for it. Can be annoying but it's a lot of fun. (10/10)

Wii Play screenshotLaser Hockey: Very fun, just like air hockey but side on from a top down view with laser lights that make you feel like you're in a club or something. The graphics give this game a nice touch and it's very fun on multiplayer. It can be enjoyed on single player due to the fact that the Wii controlled opponent makes the same mistakes as you. To play you just move the wiimote to the side and hit the puck. (9/10)

Charge: The strangest addition to the compilation sees you turn the wiimote on its side to race a cow and knock down scarecrows to gain points. You also pull the wiimote up to jump over the barriers that are in the way. Turning is a little off sometimes but once you get the hang of this game it's pretty neat. (8/10)

Tanks: You use both the nunchuck and the wiimote to search and destroy tanks. It's got simple graphics and simple gameplay but is still a worthwhile addition to the compilation. (7.8/10)

Wii Play screenshotFishing: This game is actually quite hard and I still haven't got the hang of it yet. Basically you just aim the wiimote over a pond and when you feel the vibration in the wiimote then you pull the wiimote up to catch the fish. Harder than it sounds trust me. Also there are some fish that detract from your score if catch them which makes the gameplay all that much harder. Graphics wise it's very simple and looks like it's been drawn with crayons. (6.9/10)

Find Mii: A very simple game of finding two Miis that look alike or don't. On the later levels it becomes harder as Miis are placed in the water and start to swim towards you. A pretty boring addition but oh well nothing's perfect. (5/10)

Pose Mii: A little better than Find Mii but still pretty pointless. You use the wiimote to twist and the A or be button to change positions of your Miis to fit the picture on screen. That's it. (5.5/10)

So all in all it is worth picking up the Wii Play with Wiimote package, even though there's a couple of average games included. It's especially fun on multiplayer.


Gameplay: Gameplay score: 7

Graphics: Graphics score: 7

Sound: Sound score: 7

Lifespan: Lifespan score: 7

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