Wii Play

Published by Nintendo, Developed by Nintendo

Genres: Party / Education (2 players)

US release date: Feb 12th, 2007 | EU release date: Dec 8th, 2006

Wii Play




Reviewing a game like "Wii Play" cannot be accomplished in the manner that one would review any other game. For one, the game basically costs $10 (the package with the Wii Remote costs $50, and the Wii Remote by itself will run you $40), so therefore the gameplay must be...read full review

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User comments

Avatar 71

PHiRE said:

A few of these games look really cool. I've read that this will be cheap too.


Spex said:

And it will come packaged with a Wiimote. Buy this and you'll get the game and a Wiimote for around 40-50 bucks. Buy a nunchuk attachment for 20 and you've saved a nice bundle plus getting some fun new games.


quartzlcc said:

Yeah, some of these look pretty cool.


Unknown said:

Looks like you can use your Mii.


Ryan Geery said:

I heard this was going to be called "Wii Play". It seems like it should be bundled as well, or maybe available for download. I like the Mii concept, no matter what anyone says.


DarkVic said:

A good starter game.


Must..have..wii said:

Nice title. That's cool how it's packaged with the wiimote. Minigames still bug me on a system though.

Avatar 0

Luke said:

This looks like a cool game! I like the fact that it will be using Mii.


Wii-Worshiper said:

Wow I thought that these games were just for E3, but now it is packed into one. Sweet!


elephant.stone said:

I'll be getting "Wii Play" (the name it is advertised under, over here in the UK) just for the extra Wiimote. And the pool, ping pong etc.


Epsilon said:

Looks like yet another game to keep an eye on. Sounds like it may be a Japan only title, though.


Scooby!_ Jew said:

Do I see air-hockey? I'm so getting this game.


Ekaj185 said:

Comes with a Wiimote? I'll buy the game just for that.


stinky12694 said:

Pretty damn cool.


wiingman said:

A bundled wiimote with this, it's a no-brainer to anyone. Air hockey, pool and ping pong alone sell this. Can't wait until January.


i went wii said:

Air-hockey? Which way did it go? Which way did it go?


u**noe** it said:

This game looks cool. I haven't seen it anywhere here in the USA though so I'm waiting for it.


Jax said:

I got the game today, and it is pretty good. It really gives a taste for the different techniques required with the Wii. It is also a good two player game, battling it out for who is the best at Wii.


Crimson Hawk said:

Awesome now I can pool on the Wii.


akatsuki said:

I've already got this game but my mum won't let me open it. It's under my xmas tree dammit! So is my Wii.


Captain Jamesman said:

I think Nintendo copied this name from the eyetoy games. But this does sound pretty cool!


LOZfan said:

This is just like Wii sports except it has minigames instead of sport games.


Crimson Hawk said:

You can play air hockey on the Wii too, even better.


Ja-Mez said:

I've played this game and Tanks is awesome. I got a silver medal with 62 Tanks dead! Yay.


Gonzo said:

I'm getting this because it comes with an extra wiimote and it's just like Wii sports.


SeAmNiNjA said:

My goal is to get my Wii before I get this game.


itstimetoplaydawii said:

I don't understand. I've heard this releases on Valentine's day.


Yoshi-1up said:

Yeah the game came out today. The game is not that great. It should have been "Wiimote with free Game"! I beat the whole thing in like 13 min. And the gameplay is very simple, maybe 4 year-olds will enjoy it. BUT! It's a must buy because of the Wiimote.


Luigi said:

Good game but not better than Wii Sports.

Avatar 1

Nova said:

This game is just a corporate gimmick to try and help sell Wiimotes. As if they aren't selling enough.


Wii Freak said:

The box should really say Wii Controller with a bonus.


Noel said:

The duckhunt and laser hockey games are not hard but they are fun. The controls for pool are weird. Not worth the time I think. Regardless, I agree with it being a no brainer since the game ends up costing like 10 dollars.


Gamer guru said:

I got a 54 on pool!


Jskrdude said:

In my honest opinion I don't think this game is worth 10 bucks. The games are OK, but get old REALLY fast. Except the tank game, that's pretty fun. Still not quite worth 10 bucks though. For 10 bucks you can get a good gamecube game.


Luigi said:

I like this but Wii Sports is better.


dragdara said:

Tanks, best game ever.


just got a wii said:

This was my first game and it teaches the basics of the Wii remote. Also it comes with a remote and only $50. Some of the games are awesome, like pool and tanks.


desdemona said:

Can anyone tell me if this is better or Wii sports? I recently bought this and I'm wondering whether I should open it or return it.


Troy said:

Wii Sports is much better. Wii Play is ok, but Wii Sports is so fun.


Dude said:

Woke up on Christmas morning, went down to the living room and found a Wii, 2 wiimotes, 2 nunchucks, Wii sports and Wii Play. Wii Play is awesome gameplay, but too bad it is only 2 player. Not a very long lifespan but addicting. I like it, you should too. But I would only rent it. I liked the tanks game (just a question, anyone played battletanks on the N64? Awesome game! The tanks game in Wii Play reminds me of it).


wiichick said:

I can't get past level 6 in Wii play.


Sakura Angel said:

It's an okay game but Wii Sports is much better.


dudeman said:

The cow-tipping game rocks.


AwesomeGal said:

I have Wii play and all the games are really fun! But one game is impossible.

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