007: Nightfire

Published by EA, Developed by Eurocom Entertainment Software

Genres: Action / Racing

US release date: Nov 19th, 2002 | EU release date: -

007: Nightfire



Very good

From the front, this may look like your average FPS; but beneath, it packs more punch. The single player mode sees you playing through an original and surprisingly good Bond-esque storyline with a few twists and turns. The gameplay supporting it also exceeds expectations...read full review

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User comments


itstimetoplaydawii said:

Excellent game. My friends and I still play this game to this day. I think it's the excellent multiplayer option that did it.


whiiz said:

I played this at my friend's house (even though then I wasn't allowed to play games with blood!) and I wanted to play it every time I went over.


Dude said:

Wish this game had a "Wii only" version. Like Nightfire remade for the Wii with less glitches, more levels, more multi-player levels and characters, better graphics. And best thing: you point where you shoot. This game is awesome, even for the GC.


Wiipaw said:

Now this. This is a James Bond game.

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Jimbus said:

These games were always better than you expected them to be.

3 years ago

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