Doshin the Giant

Published by Nintendo, Developed by Param

Genres: Simulation / Strategy (1 players)

US release date: Mar 12th, 2002 | EU release date: Sep 20th, 2002

Doshin the Giant

Doshin the Giant is the first game on the NINTENDO GAMECUBE where you set the rules and create the world you live in.

With two characters available to play, you must first make the choice between the good-natured Doshin or the evil and destructive Jashin, before your quest begins. With an entire community to build, you will be kept thinking on your feet as this fun-filled and imaginative title will surprise you with its charming gameplay. Doshin the Giant is crammed full of the creativity and quirkiness that made previous Nintendo games, such as Pikmin and the legendary Mario series so popular.

Based on the ancient myth that good and evil giants roam the land, the four different village tribes on Barudo Islands live day-to-day worshipping the legend. Players get to control Doshin, a good giant whose altruistic nature impacts on the future of the community. You can wander around the weirdly wonderful island, planting trees and building houses.

Here's where the fun begins. At the flick of a button, players can also switch into Jashin, Doshin's evil alter-ego who is prone to destruction and terrorising villagers and their homes. Being good or evil is up to you, but be sure to make the right choice at the right time.

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So how can I put this. Doshin the Giant is not for everyone. Some people will praise its oddball style, while others will fall asleep with the controller in their hands. So, here's how the game goes. You are Doshin, the happy yellow giant man who rises from the ocean full review

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User comments


Wii Freak said:

This game was only in Japan.


BonbonJoe said:

Too bad. The cover owns. I mean look at him. For some reason reminds me of Chibi-robo.


WiiNinja said:

Or the dummy guy in Zack and Wiki (Wii).


planet 64 said:

This game is also in the UK. Plus it's in English. I just ordered a copy a few days ago.


TUWieZ said:

You also need a boot loader if you live in the US and buy a copy in the UK.


wiicubeguy said:

This was on the 64DD too.


Odama said:

I have one. It's very similar to the game Cubivore.

Avatar 1

Arindam said:

It came out in Europe as well- and I found it to be far more enjoyable than Black & White.

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