Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles

Published by Nintendo, Developed by Game Designers Studio, The

Genres: Action / Adventure / RPG (1 players)

US release date: Feb 9th, 2004 | EU release date: Mar 12th, 2004

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles

This latest game from the Final Fantasy creators' tells the tale of a land covered in a poisonous cloud. It's a world ravaged by a deadly plague that only the blessed crystal can protect. To maintain its protective power, a group of adventurers set out on the crystal caravan to collect myrrh droplets. These magical droplets are the very life essence of the crystal itself. During the game, players must travel together in a band. The only thing protecting you and your friends from the poison gas is a magic crystal that generates a small force field around you all. Should any member of the group leave the protected circle, they'll be fully exposed to the hazardous fumes. Stay together and begin your quest through a land of terrible dangers and unlimited adventure!

Players must choose one of 32 different characters, from one of four different races and travel around locations, talking to the local people and fighting enemy monsters along the way. Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles is filled with action as players must find myrrh droplets to unleash the protective power of their village's crystal.

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles can also be played as a multiplayer game. Up to four players can form a team and by using Game Boy Advance or Game Boy Advance SP consoles as controllers, they must solve the puzzles, defeat enemies and survive in a land teeming with danger. One of the many unique features of the game is that players are able to control their characters on-screen, whilst at the same time receiving personal information on their Game Boy Advance. The type of information is different for each player, which means the team has to communicate constantly in order to decide the best course of action in game!

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles is a truly co-operative gameplay experience as players must stick together and do battle using magic spells and special attacks to combat evil enemies in massive real-time battles! But whilst working together to protect the crystal, you can still compete with your friends! Before each level begins, each player is given a secret objective and the player who completes their personal object most successfully has the first pick from a number of end of level rewards...

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Nova said:

So, am I alone? It's cold in here. I need other fans.


Tennindo said:

You're not alone. I too like this game. But they could turn the heat up in here.


Nintendoof said:

Heat turned. This was a fun game.


Postman said:

Stupid question, can I play gamecube games on my Wii?


TyrA said:

Yes you can play gamecube games on the Wii.

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