Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour

Published by Nintendo, Developed by Camelot Software Planning

Genres: Action / Sports (4 players)

US release date: Aug 29th, 2003 | EU release date: Jun 18th, 2004

Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour

Mario, Peach, Donkey Kong and a cast of their cohorts have dusted off their clubs and set their sights on the Toadstool Tour championship. Two new styles of golf courses and a new swing system offer both the seasoned Mario golfer and those new to the game a fresh look at golfing in the Mushroom Kingdom.


  • Choose to play on a conventional course or an all-new course designed from the ground up to be all about the Mushroom Kingdom! Chip over warp pipes and avoid hazards like Piranha Plants, Chain Chomps and Thwomps when playing on Mario-inspired courses.
  • Tee for two, three or four! You can tee-off solo or fill out a foursome for some friendly competition.
  • Control your swing in a manual mode for experts and a partially automated mode for novices.
  • Connect with the upcoming Mario Golf Advance Tour for Game Boy Advance and transfer characters back and forth.
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User comments


Yoshi-1up said:

Really fun golf game. The courses are beautiful! And I like how you can annoy the hell out of your friend by pushing the "distraction button". WHEE.


Toad said:

The kingdom course was the best. It has good backgrounds AND it was my 4th game. I remember.


Sonic Fan said:

This game was crap! I don't ever want to play a video game about golf again. Well, maybe Super Swing Golf. But sure as hell not this.


Captain Jamesman said:

You know Sonic Fan, I go by a very sacred (in my terms) rule about video gaming. If it has a cool character (Say Mario, Sonic, Crash, Megaman, Bomberman, etc.) Then it must be played and kept, no matter how CRAPPY anyone thinks it is.

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Lay-Z Boy said:

My brother and I bought this game, before that we rented it. It's very good. The courses and characters rock, but it's hard to unlock stuff.


Nintendoof said:

If you hit the golf ball into a flower patch, Pikmin start coming out! Try it if you have the game. It's so awesome.

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Ethan said:

Love it. Accidentally put it in storage for 1 year.

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