Pac-Man Vs.

Published by Namco, Developed by Nintendo

Genres: Action

US release date: Dec 2nd, 2003 | EU release date: -

Pac-Man Vs.


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User comments


BoWaverly Cross said:

Slipped beneath the radar here in the states and was available to only a select few in Japan, this version of Pac-Man was the most brilliant. If one has the Pac-Man VS., a Gameboy Advance, a GBA/GC Adaptor Cable, 3 Wavebird controllers and a Wii and you are in GREAT shape.

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Nova said:

Well if it was only available to a select few in Japan, then whoever owns it would also have to own a Japanese Wii or Gamecube. I'm pretty sure the GC was region protected, and the GC components in the Wii as well.

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