Resident Evil 4

Published by Capcom, Developed by Capcom Production Studio 4

Genres: Action / Adventure (1 players)

US release date: Jan 11th, 2005 | EU release date: Mar 18th, 2005

Resident Evil 4

Heralded as the creator of the survival horror genre, Resident Evil 4 takes things a step further by not only revolutionising the series, but by re-inventing the action game genre.

Taking place years after the T-virus outbreak, the storyline and gameplay structure have dramatically changed to allow more emphasis on action. Players move through the game as Special Agent Leon S. Kennedy who is on a top secret mission. His investigation into the abduction of the President's daughter has led him to a mysterious location in Europe. As Leon encounters all new unimaginable horrors, he must find out who or what is behind this new nightmare.

The atmosphere has been greatly enhanced in Resident Evil 4 thanks to a new control method and intuitive camera. Gone are the signature fixed camera positions that gamers will be familiar with. Now the camera follows closely behind the player, allowing for more intuitive movement and shooting, which is enhanced with the newly added aim and shoot mechanic.

Certain moves are now only a single button press away thanks to the innovative action button. Players will be able to perform a selection of actions including kick, jump, dodge or even swim by pressing a certain button quickly after being prompted to do so on screen. This adds to the adrenalin-fuelled excitement of the game, keeping players on the edge of their seats.

The menacing enemies we are all familiar with have been replaced with a new darker breed of evil. Enhanced enemy AI (Artificial Intelligence) means that the enemies are faster, smarter and more dangerous than ever before. Instead of automatically appearing at a certain point, creatures will now stalk you, waiting until you are at your most vulnerable to attack. The new camera mode adds to the excitement as you can no longer see what is creeping up behind you until it is too late.

Things become even more creepy and atmospheric as you progress deeper into the game. The breathtaking graphics and effects give the game a deeper sense of realism than ever seen before on any home console. Coupled with chilling sound effects and creepy background music, Resident Evil 4 will reduce you to a quivering bundle of nerves in no time at all.

Get ready to turn down the lights, crank up the surround sound and immerse yourself in 2005's most atmospheric game yet. You are in for a frighteningly good time!

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Though it's been three years since Resident Evil 4 first graced the Gamecube, with the upcoming Wii edition, I thought it was a good time to refresh the memories of why the game was so good in the first place and to give some information for people who have never played full review

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User comments

Avatar 71

PHiRE said:

One of the very best games on the cube, just awesome.


j.r. said:

Yeah. This game is great. I'm going to go play it again.


Kris Hute said:

This is a true classic in many books.


Dr light said:

The best resident evil I ever played, actually the best shooter I play.


Steve said:

One of the best Resident Evils. Wii version is awesome, Gamecube was sweet. This was the first Resident Evil game I played, and caused my addiction to it.

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