Sega Soccer Slam

Published by Sega, Developed by Black Box Games

Genres: Sports (4 players)

US release date: Mar 18th, 2002 | EU release date: Oct 18th, 2002

Sega Soccer Slam

"SEGA Soccer Slam:" It's a kick-off revolution...and the pitch will never be the same! A host of outrageous teams from across the globe unite on the pitch for intense, three-on-three matches of the world's most popular sport. Users will be enticed by thrilling gameplay action involving nasty tackles, lethal killer kicks and brilliant spotlight maneuvers. In the unique and deep Quest Mode, players take their selected team through a series of matches, unlocking secret stadium locations and gaining access to hidden items that improve player attributes. Users will also be able to save their enhanced player attributes earned through Quest Mode for use in the other game modes, expanding their gameplay exponentially. Alternative gameplay options include Arcade Mode, Challenge Mode and a round-robin Tourney Mode with sizzling multiplayer action for up to six users. With the built-in Practice Mode, users have the opportunity to become experts in "SEGA Soccer Slam's" insane special maneuvers: spotlight shots, deadly killer kicks, dekes, hits, steals, headers and special team specific power-up moves. This isn't ordinary soccer...and with additional user-controlled features such as weather and difficulty levels, players can create the ultimate match of champions.


  • Fast and Furious Action - 3-on-3 gameplay (plus goalies) on small fields, opens up the field for lightning quick rushes, intense battles and high-impact tackles. Special moves include deadly killer kicks with Matrix-style cameras, spotlight maneuvers and team specific power-up skills.
    1. Ruthless Game Modes - A unique Continental Cup Quest Mode, an Arcade Mode with exhibition matches, mix a match and two totally new and addictive mini-games, an added Challenge Mode that allows gamers to build teams and compete in a series of special matches where you can unlock secret teams, a Tourney mode with sizzling multiplayer action and an additional Practice Mode that provides the user with the opportunity to master complex moves.
  • Power-ups and Bonuses - Great plays result in dazzling special effects and fantastic team specific power-ups that boost player skills. Victories provide access to exotic unlockable venues, mystery items that boost player attributes and 3 new secret teams!
  • Detailed Characters - Sophisticated 3D models, individual voices and personalities, facial animation and more than 1,000 motion-captured moves, including signature goal celebrations and character-specific spotlight kicks bring these unique superstars to life.
  • Realistic Stadium Atmosphere - Fully polygonal "Soccer Slam" fans chant, wave flags, and respond to the highs and lows of the on-field action and announcers deliver over 4,000 lines of commentary including situation-specific dialogue.
  • User-Friendly Controls - Pick-up-and-play controls make it easy to learn the basics. More complex and advanced moves are challenging to master.
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doglover said:

If that is a Sega game, is there Sonic the Hedgehog in it?

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