Wario World

Published by Nintendo, Developed by Treasure Co.

Genres: Action (1 players)

US release date: Jun 24th, 2003 | EU release date: Jun 20th, 2003

Wario World

Deep within Wario's castle lies a treasure room filled with the spoils he has plundered during his many adventures. A mysterious black jewel, ensconced among the treasures, has a strange power to transform gems into monsters. While Wario rests in his castle upstairs the jewel begins to morph his treasure trove into a host of monsters, turning the basement of Wario's beloved castle into a bizarre parallel universe. Awakening the next morning to monsters instead of treasure, Wario must step into that alternate world to win the treasure back.


  • Join Wario as he takes on his first starring role in a 3-D action game for NINTENDO GAMECUBE.
  • Experience a new type of side-scrolling action game as Wario World pushes the genre's boundaries.
  • Run, jump, punch and grab just about anything - even swing objects around and hurl them to break open new areas or defeat enemies.
  • Balance atop mysterious floating balls that have sticky surfaces and jump ball to ball to reach new areas.
  • Zip through wonderfully detailed levels and quirky puzzles to restore Wario's precious stolen treasures.

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User comments

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Mike said:

I played this game years ago. It is a pretty fun game that is worth playing. As usual, Nintendo shows off their great ability to design entertaining levels.


insultman911 said:

Beat this game with the player guide.


nat100111 said:

I always get stuck on nature world.


Plaugefiend said:

I hated it when I had to pause. Wario was laughing in my dreams.


HannahJuly said:

I want those riches.

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connor said:

Fun game but a bit too short.

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