Alien Monster Bowling League

Alien Monster Bowling League

Aliens and monsters may have a bad rap for all the evil mischief they get up to, but on weekends they're just like regular folk. They enjoy nothing better than to hit the local bowling lane and knock down some pins.

League night at the lanes just got a lot more interesting! Join a cast of characters that ranges from creepy to out of this world in Alien Monster Bowling League. Play against classic monsters like zombies, werewolves (or SPAREwolves!.. huh?.. huh? ^_^ - WW) and vampires or go up against creatures from outer space. The competition's not the only thing that's twisted. New twists on gameplay include special Sonic, Split, Nitrous, Clone and Ghost Balls that do extra damage and Whammies designed to mess up your opponent.

    AMBL features
  • Quick Play Mode - Get a fast bowling fix.
  • Campaign Mode - Compete against bigger and better bowlers.
  • Regular Mode - Roll without the fancy extras.

Which famous alien or monster would you like to bowl with?

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