Alien Syndrome controls video

Jeff Kung, Senior Designer for Alien Syndrome talks about the Wiimote and controls for the game.

The control scheme seems like a good one, the gestures are fun and if circle-strafing is as easy as he suggests then they're onto a winner. The only concern is that the graphics may be letting it down a little.

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Zendalf said:

Cool. I don't know whether to get this one or not, looks promising though.


mr guy said:

Cool game!


Koen van Beeck said:

Looks fun, I guess. But not really my style, so I doubt I'll get it. Can't ever hear enough game developers praise the Wii though.


um said:

I can't watch this on my Wii.


Chaos said:

Sometimes I'm forced to think that the Wii version is a port of the PSP version. I know that the Wii can't compare to PS3 or 360 in terms of graphics but C'MON SEGA, AT LEAST TRY! Hopefully people will be able to look past that.


Scooby Jew said:

Control scheme: Own. Graphics: Ouch. Well, I guess you can't really have both at the same time, or if you can then both the control scheme and graphics are only mediocre. I love what he said about the Wii and the Wii remote, completely true and encouraging somehow. And also, even though the control scheme seems like the best I've seen so far, but I just don't like the camera view, the graphics, or the genre of the game itself so I doubt I'll get this. Maybe rent it or play it at a friend's house, but that's it.


BonbonJoe said:

Woot. I guess he's from the big Island.


Ekaj185 said:

Yeah. Kind of reminds me of the fantastic 4 game though.


Keelan said:

This looks like so much fun!

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AlexKidd said:

Don't doubt what Sega can do. Sega has always made the best games, people just look past em'; mostly those sony bandwagon people. I'll bet this is going to be a great game.


Hey said:

At first I had mixed feelings about this game, but now I know it rules.


cmk said:

Wow, that game looks freaking schweet.

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