Wii controller

Nintendo Wii has the most unique controller of any console of all time. Known as the Wiimote, it more resembles a TV remote control than a typical games paddle. At first glance it seems like a very simple device without many buttons, seemingly too few to adequately play modern games with. First impressions are very deceiving.

The Wiimote has motion sensors inside it, meaning that simply waving the controller in the air is a means of input in itself. The Wiimote also features force feedback, meaning events in the game can cause it to rumble for a more immersive feeling. It also has its own speaker, allowing for a depth of sound never before heard on any console.

Experienced PC gamers will know that the only way to control certain types of games is using the mouse. Up until now games consoles haven't been able to compete with their clumsy controllers, most notably on first-person shooter (FPS) and real-time strategy (RTS) games. The Wiimote is the only controller for a console which can match and even surpass the effectiveness of a mouse.

The Wii is not all about games though. When powered on the Wii interface will include Wii Channels, a gateway to interactive features and using the Internet. The Wiimote is an intuitive pointing device suited well for this purpose as well.

When needed the Wiimote can be coupled with a second device to hold in your other hand. This second device features an analog stick and its own motion sensors that are independent from the main Wiimote. This is effect gives the user '2 hands' in the game, allowing for great ways of interaction.

This is the Wiimote connected to the analog stick 'nunchuck'. They're wireless other than the cable that connects them together. Powered by 2 AA batteries, up to 60 hours of usage is possible.

To maintain backwards compatibility with older consoles the Wii also has a classic style gamepad available. Further good news is the Wii also has sockets to connect a standard Gamecube controller, which is the most comfortable controller I've experienced so far.

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