Atlus checks in to the Hospital

Atlus checks in to the Hospital

Atlus has announced a successor to the Trauma Center series. This new entity will feature the same general stylings, but on a grander scale: Trauma Team.

Trauma Team will include a number of interesting characters that you can take control of:

  • Gabriel Cunningham - Similar to TV's House, Gariel examines patients in the doctor's office.
  • Maria Torres - A paramedic skilled at treating multiple patients at the same time.
  • Prisoner CR-SO1 - A rogue surgeon doing hard time, working on patients to cut down on his sentence. These operations will be similar in nature to the Trauma Center games.
  • Hank Freebird - Technically advanced surgeon who uses the latest cutting edge methods to cure patients.
  • Naomi Kimishima - Seen in previous TC games, Naomi specializes in forensics. Gameplay will be more like an "adventure" in these cases.
  • Tomoe Tachibana - Endoscopic surgeon.

Many people have said that the Trauma Center games were getting stale and needed innovation to breathe new life into the series, this could be it?

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