Attack of the Movies in 3D

Attack of the Movies in 3D

Hoping to cash in on the whole "3D" gimmick that's all the rage right now, Majesco has announced a Wii game called Attack of the Movies which comes with its own pair of 3d glasses.

Featuring co-op play for up to four people, it sounds like it will be an on-rails shooter experience with branching pathways. Attack of the Movies takes gamers through an array of movie situations fending off foes like aliens, robots and zombies. I'm thinking there could be a giant gorilla in there too.

Development is being handled by Panic Button, creators of the seminal Go Play Lujmberjacks, safe hands indeed. Attack of the Movies will hit shelves in Spring this year.

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Brawler 200 said:

It sound interesting, but if it's going to be an on-rails shooter experience then I'm going to be skeptical.

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