Aussie box arts for Bully and Table Tennis

Aussie box arts for Bully and Table Tennis

Danger danger danger! Some Aussie box arts! First up is Rockstar's controversial (but not as much as Manhunt) game Bully: Scholarship Edition.

Someone call NAMBLA

Next up we've got another of their Wii games, Rockstar Table Tennis.

Plik plok plik plok

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wiiman said:

Table tennis will rock. Then I can practice without a paddle.


dragdara said:

Sweet ping pong.


Vanilla Spice said:

"Someone call NAMBLA" lol.


Quartz said:

Heh, the table tennis peoples realized that anything that had to do with sports on Xbox 360 (Or PS3) is retarded. Unfortunately, I don't like that, because I loathe sports game and wish they would stay away from good consoles (excluding Wii Sports, that was actually good).


Master Foot said:

Respect your elders boy.


Scooby Jew said:

Table Tennis for the 360 was horrible (go figure), so I'm hoping they'll change it up on the Wii and make it much more interesting. The Bully box art looks lame. I think I'll focus more towards the game than the box art however.


InsertPageUp said:

I wish they would make a Bully II. Sadly I read somewhere they won't be.

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