Bakugan Toys'R'Us edition

Bakugan Toys'R'Us edition

A new press release from Activision says that a special edition of Bakugan Battle Brawlers will be available in Toys'R'Us stores.

This version will have a slightly modified box art (pictured), but the differences don't stop there. Exclusive in-game characters are present too. Namely these ones:

  • Ravenoid: A humanoid looking Bakugan completely covered in armor. Uses his large wings to swoop down upon his opponents in battle. His large, clawed feet can also squeeze victims in a vice-like grip.
  • Manion: An enigmatic sphinx with golden armor protecting his head, back and forearms. Using a huge wingspan, he can attack from above. His ultra sharp claws can also tear at any enemies.

Bakugan fans can preorder this special edition online at the Toys'R'Us website, currently priced at $49.99.

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