Balls and board games

Balls and board games

Boxes, boxes, always with the boxes. Here's Balls of Fury, seems likely to be a table tennis game.

Also there's Ultimate Board Game Collection. No prizes for guessing what that is.

Looking good Chris.

Dude, it's the ULTIMATE.

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Gamefreak said:

I never knew Balls of Fury was a movie game.


Master Foot said:

That movie game just might not suck.


Gonzo said:

Wow, they have that movie. That's the movie with the rapper Big Boi in it, right? And who would want to play board games on the Wii?


Jskrdude said:

I'd get the board game collection if you could save the games, and it had monopoly and risk.


Scooby Jew said:

Balls of Fury: Cool, I guess. The other one: what? You don't get on a console to play BOARD games. GAH. What is with these people?.


DragonFoxCoon said:

I don't care about saving games, unless it's Monopoly. But, I'm interested to know what games are in the collection; besides, with a game as simple as that, how can my mom say no? Let me say that a little clearer: my mom, the technologically illiterate person who gets lost when I tell her how to turn on the computer, would play this game because of its simplicity. Which is what Nintendo's plan was from the start with the Wii: accessibility. They want EVERYONE to play, which is why developers jump at the chance to make apparently lame games. Casual gamers will pick these up, while hardcore gamers, like me, will play with them. That's what's with these people, ye with little understanding of Nintendo's ways.


Ed said:

The balls of fury game is "ok", $30 price tag is reasonable for it.

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