Battle rages on in 3D

Battle rages on in 3D

A new press release has been issued, announcing the world's first 3D console game. That is, the kind of 3D where you put on funny glasses. The game is called Battle Rage: The Robot Wars, but before anybody gets excited at this concept, it all goes downhill from here.

The bad news is it's from Data Design Interactive, the people behind all manner of shitware including Ninjabread Man and Anubis II. Here's a trailer, check out the bad frame rate.

3D gaming, is it "teh future"?

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Mr Friend said:

Wasn't rad racer for the NES 3d?


Rags said:

Sly Cooper 3 had some 3D in it.


SkullHydra said:

That looks kind of like a lame version of S.L.A.I.


Wolfkolf said:

Looks great. I will be watching this closely.


dude said:

DDI doing this? Pass.


Gamer said:

This game sucks.


Diddy Kong Lover said:

Hey Wii's World ever heard of early late Atari Games, how about Space Harrier 3D for Master System? Guess not.


Mr Reaper said:

"3D WorldRunner" for the NES was also 3D. These people are way too late to have the first 3D console game.


Wii's World said:

I guess in addition to bad games, DDI also gives out inaccurate press releases.


insultman911 said:

This is kind of funny because I was thinking yesterday when I was playing video games, why don't they make a video game in 3D? Then they actually did. I had 3D glasses but they got thrown out.

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Nova said:

PC gaming has been doing 3D add-on stuff for a while (meaning that you can buy 3d glasses for normal games and they ACTUALLY look convincing).


The Lord said:

See, when I see this kind of horrid "fake 3d" I'm reminded of cereal boxes and lame red/blue glasses. Why can't the Wii developers get a handle hold on what Johnny Lee's figured out by inverting the Wii remote and the sensor bar, and truly making a 3d game? (for those of you not in the know: google "wii remote whiteboard" and visit Johnny Chung Lee's website. He's got youtube vids that'll blow your mind).

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