Bit Boy, Bit Boy, whatcha gonna do

Bit Boy, Bit Boy, whatcha gonna do

Indie development superstars (slight exaggeration) Bplus have revealed another game coming to WiiWare. Bit Boy is a retro-styled homage to games of an age gone by.

Bit Boy features a hero by the name of Kubi, not the biggest of fellas, he's actually one pixel in size. In order to rescue his equally pixely friends, Kubi must take a journey through the history of video games.

Kubi will have to fight it out with a whole slew of monsters in:

  • 4-bit dungeons
  • 8-bit caves
  • 16-bit strongholds
  • 32-bit mazes
  • 64-bit arenas
  • 128-bit worlds

Bplus' drunken art director Bernd Geiblinger had the following to say:

"Everybody knows that Bplus really is a crazy company. We lifted up a gearwheel to the top of evolution and let it fight against evil Plattchen 6 billion years in the future. We transformed a boy into a ball, only to let him become a rock to stand up against metal crabs and flying trees. With Bit Boy, we are creating a fantastic arcade adventure delivered together with all its never-before-seen prequels from the various video gaming eras. Each Bit Generation will spark true retro feelings in all players aged 14 to 40 when they set off in the ultimate pursuit of fruits and high scores".

Bplus also has a game called "Vektor Tank" in the pipeline. Watch this space. And this one.

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Jettwinlock said:

This just sounds awesome.

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