Bomberman WiiWare 8 player Wi-Fi

Bomberman WiiWare 8 player Wi-Fi

Hudson are really taking to the WiiWare service, they're currently working on a Bomberman game for it. A piece in Famitsu magazine suggests its features include:

  • 8 player Wi-Fi battling.
  • Story mode for solo play.
  • 5 worlds and 39 areas.
  • 1 epic battle arena for big games.

There are some screen images available too, but note these are scans and the quality is... kinda ass.

Maybe it's about time we had a WiiWare section on this site.

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User comments


Wii Freak said:

You should WW.


Jskrdude said:

Dude, that is frikkin' sweet. I love the VC bomberman to bits so I'll pick this up for sure.


Steve said:

Yay bomber man =D Loved the older games.


Captain Jamesman said:

Wow, this looks like Bomberman LIVE. I really need to get this once it comes out.


eric ♥ wii said:

The graphics look pretty bad. Almost like on the DS.


i need a wiieww said:

I was just about to suggest you make a wiiware section, but anyways I hope they don't decide to start filling this game with non-bomberman mini games. I want just classic bomberman gameplay.


Tennindo said:

My favorite bomberman is still Bomberman 64 and Bomberman Heroes.


Master Foot said:

Before 4 player Goldeneye, there was Super Bomberman 5. Hours of classic fun, but I think that it was JP only.


Keranu said:

Very nice! Looks like there are Miis too.


Epsilon said:

Heh, 'bout time we get one not loaded up with crappy minigames.


BrAwL said:

I LOVE BOMBERMAN! Now this is what I call a WiiWare game.


Wii master 2000 said:

I beat all the Bomberman games I've played.


SSB fan said:

They better not ruin Bomberman Blast online. Look at Super Smash Bros Brawl. No ranking to see who good, who is bad, or even in your level, online play With Anyone is severly limited, and the horrible lags which is even worse then Atari Dragonball Z Budokai: Tenkaichi 3 online. You can't even see their SSBB online name in With Anyone mode. Sure their is Spectator Mode and Smash Service but does little to fix it online. In With Anyone match you feel like your fighting against a CPU. I declare that game the "Worst online play ever". But Bomberman Blast Online may be one of the best without Wii Speak. It has 8-player online, ranking, and possible smooth environment. By the way did you know that their is going to be a retail version? (Except for the European version with will only have WiiWare.) The retail version will have a story mode, 12 stages, and 20 apples. Both version will have Miis as a playable character. Also available is the "My First Bomberman" mode that teaches you to play the Bomberman game. Even veterans of the Bomberman series such as Wii Master 2000 should consider this since it will have new features introduced. Call me crazy but I do want Bomberman Minigames. Also Bomberman should be in Mario Party 9 because Hudson Soft developed the series. Hey if Capcom make Mario Party 9 then we might as well ask for Classic Megaman.



I think bomberman is the best classic game ever. Too bad I lost bomberman on my gameboy advanced.

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