Spielberg bashes Wii

Spielberg bashes Wii

The expected sequel for Boom Blox has now been confirmed in a press release by EA and it's called Boom Blox: Bash Party.

This new offering is said to include improved multiplayer features, including team challenges. There will be over 400 levels to play, new types of blocks, new shapes, new tools and new actions like slingshot and paintball. The levels will take place in a variety of environments, such as underwater and outer space. To further increase the lifespan of the title, downloadable levels will be available from both EA and other users alike.

Famed director Steven Spielberg is directly involved once again, he commented:

"Boom Blox: Bash Party is a wild social gaming experience. We know families and friends really enjoyed playing the original game together, so we designed more explosive multiplayer experiences this time. We gonna need a bigger boat".

Boom Blox: Bash Party is set for release sometime this Spring.

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wiiboy101 said:

If it has Wii graphics this time I'm in.


guy said:

I thought Spielberg was "bashing" Wii.


Diddy Kong Lover said:

Boom Blox was great! It's Spielberg's fault the worst video game exist (E.T.).


Step said:

Loved it, looking forward to the sequel if it's well-done.


wiiman said:

This is going to be awesome.


Kyyle23 said:

While I thought the game was really fun, I had a few moments where the cameras got messed up and I just did not have enough time to do what I needed to do(i.e. in the level where you are surrounded by zombie blocks that keep coming at you). I hope the gameplay gets a little more focused this time around. Still a really fun all around game.


IdiotStorm said:

Downloadable user content? I'm in.

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