Bplus free soundtrack

Bplus free soundtrack

Bplus, the makers of WiiWare games Plattchen: Twist 'n' Paint and Niki: Rock 'n' Ball have kindly uploaded a 3-part soundtrack with the music featured in both games.

Totalling around 60MB, the tracks are in mp3 format and available for free. The listings goes:

    Plattchen: Twist 'n' Paint
  • Fancyless in Space
  • Japan Fantasy
  • Playroom Fantasy
  • Underwater Fantasy
  • Copycat
  • Mission
  • Fruity Smile Fantasy
  • Cuddly World Fantasy
  • Memory Fantasy
    Niki: Rock 'n' Ball
  • Menu World 1
  • World 1
  • Menu World 2
  • World 2
  • Menu World 3
  • World 3

Download Part 1
Download Part 2
Download Part 3

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