Special techniques in Brawl

Special techniques in Brawl

Today's Super Smash Bros. Brawl update describes a few techniques that never made it into the instructions manual. These small tips might really help your game.

Ukemi can be used when a hit sends you flying. If you tap the shield button just before you hit the ground, you will slow yourself right down and flip back to your feet.

HUP 2 3 4.

Perfect shield is where you activate your shield just before a blow hits you. You'll recover from it instantly, meaning you can counterattack right away.

Do I look silly in this hat?

Do you rely on the same moves over and over again to win matches? Think again, stale-move negation means that over time repeated moves will dish out less damage.

That move is so last week.

When your move barely touches an opponent it's called a glancing blow. These will barely have any effect and your opponent won't flinch.


If you find yourself in the water you can swim for a short period of time. How long depends on your damage meter.

Help! This is my best tie!

Small jump is an important technique where you can control the height of your jumps. Using this you can often jump your opponent's attack, but still be near enough to counter quickly.

You rack disciprine.

This might sting a little.

Eating on the floor is just what it sounds like. Tapping A while you're lying down you can grab nearby food without even standing. Caution: This move can lead to indigestion.

Ohh I've got stomach cramps.

A number of fighters in Brawl have the ability to reflect projectiles back at their opponents. Doing this increases the potential damage it will cause. If you bounce it back and forth too much though, someone's reflector is sure to break, giving them a bad time.

Fox sees Stars.

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User comments


Aeth said:

Well with the game now out this little update is more useful than a lot of people might think. Tells us the new things we can do and explains things better. Also might explain a few things like "Why are my attacks suddenly getting weaker" or "How did the computer do that?" questions people might be currently asking.


SSB4LIFE said:

So that's what swimming is! Cool update, there were some interesting new techniques.


neil said:

Fox sees stars? Pun skills.


ToTaLgAmEr said:

So this is the thing about swimming, I don't know how much good it will do but cool update.


YoshLee said:

Yoshi's like judo FLIP.


Ultigonio said:

Dude, why did you capitalize the 'S' in Sta? oh :0.


Diddy Kong Lover said:

Cool I still wish Bowser Jr was a character though.


ganon man 62 said:

I new all of these except for the reflector one. Ukemi=Teching. Stale move negation=stale moves. Small jump=short hop.


insultman911 said:

I like swimming.


insultman911 said:

Put Charizard in the water, see how he reacts.


Joewii29 said:

Pit is going to be awesome, it said he can reflect with his angel ring and mirror shield.


Wii Freak said:

The move of fox is how I got sandbag so far.


luwiigi said:

All of these updates look helpful to me.


Senpai said:

Snake straddling a grape bunch, classic.


DKX900 said:

What about Wavedashing?


TruBlu said:

You rack discipline! I lol'd at that. This update was pretty awesome.


doglover said:

Is that indigestion part on the second to last one a joke or can your character really get indigestion on the game?


#1 Peach Fan said:

It kind of helps.


Ultigonio said:

Wavedashing was a glitch, not a programmed technique.


Nintendoof said:

More like feasting on the floor SNAAAKE.


Plaugefiend said:

Charizard=Death for the poor guy in water. Well, at least in the old pokemon games.


Lucario said:

The swimming thing is cool. I always hated when you couldn't swim at great bay in Melee.

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