Brawl goes Japlatinum

Brawl goes Japlatinum

Gaming phenomenon Super Smash Bros Brawl has now sold over a million copies in Japan, making it the fastest selling Wii game there so far.

Even though there were shortages in some areas, Nintendo reports that 1,080,000 units have been shifted. This is even faster than the popular Wii Fit, which took a month to pass the million milestone.

Gamers in the US have just under a month to wait, Brawl will be out on March 9th. PAL regions have yet to receive a release date.

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i need a wiieww said:

They better tell the UK soon and make it good.


Aeth said:

Well, this is Super Smahs Bros. Brawl, you can't epext a game where video game characters from other franchises beat each other senseless and then go into story mode where they band together to beat up a group of evil creatures trying to take over the world. Now imagine how many copies re going to be sold when it is finally released in the you. S., we might just have another "There aren't enough" fiasco just like with the Wiis, even if they have been spending the last month printing out copies after copies.


TruBlu said:

Oh yeah, go Brawl.


Wii Freak said:

I knew brawl will do well.


Wiipaw said:

Aww man. Sonic, what did I tell you about hanging out with the wrong crowd?


ToTaLgAmEr said:

Sounds about right, everbody knew it would be the best selling game.


doglover said:



megamanfan said:



smashbro said:

It's already sold over a million copies in Japan. Imagine how many it will sell when it goes worldwide.


Diddy Kong Lover said:

Perfect huh now when will this month be over so it can come?


insultman911 said:

I thought it would be delayed again until a date like april 16 but it looks like Nintendo is keeping their promise of releasing brawl on march 9th.


Lyle Wiiwing said:

I feel so sorry for Europe, they have the worst game releases. Canada is like the best country for a gamer who can speak English and not Japanese, we get games at a nice time and no games have ever been banned here. Japan is overall best though, they get everything first Nintendo wise and don't have bans.


Nintendoof said:

Not shocking, but definitely news.

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Mike said:

Australia want brawl! Meargh.


cat said:



ssbbssbbssbb said:

Dur the dur.


functionman said:

They can't delay much, the Japanese game is out and they can't change much over to the US, so it should be on schedule. Expect a shortage, for sure.


WiiWorldRules said:

Why do I have to live in England! WE SUFFER TOO.

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