Brothers in Arms - Double Time boxart

Brothers in Arms - Double Time boxart

War huh? Good god y'all! Here's the Brothers in Arms: Double Time boxart for your viewing pleasure.

Double Time cover

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wiiboy101 said:

If they take the Wii out of us graphically I'm going to scream.


Omega Red said:

Y'all? I thought this was a UK based site!


Scooby Jew said:

UK-based? No, it would be if it was. Anyhow, I'm already tired of these war games. Battlefield has worked great for me all these few years and I will continue to play that series as long as they continue to pump out sequels. Besides, this looks a bit much like Saving Private Ryan's cover.


metroidlover said:

Gearbox better not get lazy in the graphics department and I hope it will have intuitive motion controls.


Namefroggy said:

That is cool right there.

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