Bust-A-Move new name + details

Bust-A-Move new name + details

The Wii-exclusive Bust-A-Move Revolution has been given a new name. Its title is now Bust-A-Move Bash!.

Brought to us by Majesco, the game will ship early next year and features a unique control system as to be expected. The gameplay is more of the same fast paced puzzle-based antics with some added extras thrown in.

Puzzle Mode: 500 levels across five different areas.

Vs. Mode: Up to 8 players can go head-to-head simultaneously

Shooting Mode: A completely new mode where bubbles come flying at you from all angles.

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Vortex said:

There's a complete bust-a-move for the Wii? I liked the arcade bust-a-move, but I don't think I'd by a whole $50 bust-a-move game. Cant they just come out with the original for the VC?


Master Foot said:

If that's the real graphics above, then Nintendo is taking the "graphics don't matter mentality" a little too far. The Wii is capable of better.


quartzlcc said:

A fair point, but it would probably be listed as $40.


Splintercell4ever said:

The game still busts its move on me.


Epsilon said:

Master Foot, the above picture is actually a screenshot of the original Bust-A-Move and likely the graphics will be better on the Wii sequel.


Umm... said:

How the 8 player is possible?


MANiK said:

I remember this game on N-64, I loved it. I can't wait for it to come out on the Wii.

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