Call for Heroes heading to Wii

Call for Heroes heading to Wii

The UK's official Nintendo magazine claims Call for Heroes will be released on the Wii platform.

Originally developed for the PC by Quotix Software, Call for Heroes is an action RPG set in a fantasy setting. You get to choose from characters such as a hammer-wielding barbarian, or a female who throws rocks (don't crack a nail!).

It's said to hit the shelves in Europe during October.

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soulbreather said:

I thought call of heroes was that game on PC by Microsoft?

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Nova said:

Sounds a bit like WoW.


wiiman said:

It looks pretty sweet.


Wiimaster said:

It was but Nintendo got it now!


Elementrat said:

You are thinking of Company Of Heroes, on Games For Windows. By the way this might be the funniest of your pics yet!


tu madre said:

I never played Call of Heroes, was it good, and what would make it so good for the Wii if so?

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