Call of Duty 5 info and trailer

Activision have gone ahead and released a teaser video for the upcoming Call of Duty 5: World at War.

Developers Treyarch are really talking this one up, saying it'll be the best looking Wii game made so far. Co-op and multiplayer modes will be available, and the Wii Zapper is said to be supported too.

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Wii Freak said:

I really want that to be true. The Wii can hold up amazing graphics.


Linkman806 said:

Finally developers are harvesting the wii's true potential.


ToTaLgAmEr said:

Can't wait for this, looks awesome.


Son Ninja said:

This game already looks great and I'll be surprised if it'll play great as well. If this game turns out better than Modern Warfare, the Wii version might be the best selling game when it comes out. I know Activision messed up CoD 3 on the Wii but it was a good start and Infinity Ward is just too frightened to release their masterpiece on a system they once thought to be trash territory. But with this game, Treyarch could prove them wrong.


wiiboy101 said:

Looking good, but fingers crossed they're not going to x360 fan dev the game and lame-out the Wii version. I've seen two player co-op is on Wii, not 4 player HUH. Why? There's no reason for this other than FAVORITISM. Stop excuse-building 3rd parties, your standpoint on Wii is EXPOSED and the Wii userbase is clearly NO. 1 so please just get on with it now and make good games. No doubt any downloadable content/maps could store and play from sd cards.


SON of A Wii1-4 said:

Wii! Oh my god! That is so awesome. The trailer looked good.


GiGATOR said:

I don't think that trailer was from a Wii, but that would be awesome if the Wii version is going to look even close to that.


Juan L said:

As long as it supports classic controls, I'm getting it.


Nintendoof said:

Yay! Take that 360 and.. uhh what was that other one again?


Jonny said:

Looks pretty good, but I think I'll still hold out for The Conduit.

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Nova said:

Be aware that this game isn't actually called Call of Duty 5. I've heard from good sources that they aren't jumping straight to the fifth just yet. Only problem is that Treyarch is the company that made the subpar call of duties.


i need a wiieww said:

They just need to make less of an effort for Wii games, and bang, because it's a Wii game it'll sell good. I really wish third party companies stopped thinking that. This looks like an effort has been made but then again, look at wiiboys comment.


sambam said:

Can't wait it looks sick, co-op too, oh man that's awesome.

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Matthew said:

It is unbelievable that such a horrible thing is some man's evening entertainment.


joey said:

Is it going to be Wii speak compatible?


elliot said:

Put search and destroy on Wii beause it would be awesome.

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christian said:

I have the game but is there Wii speak.

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Josh said:

Wii has the best graphics ever! CALL OF DUTY 5 ROCKS.

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