Capcom spying on Wii users

Capcom spying on Wii users

At Captivate 08, a media event held by Capcom, a new game exclusive to the Wii has been announced. Spyborgs is an offbeat action title with cartoon sci-fi stylings.

Each level sees two characters working together in order to reach the goal, so it's recommended that gamers play in pairs for the best experience. Solo players are accommodated too though, with computer AI controlling the second character.

Spyborgs is in development by a relatively new group called Bionic Games. Mike Stout is heading the project and commented:

"We want to be on the Wii - we don't want to port over a game like everyone else. Most of the games on the Wii are ports or micro-games and we think gamers are getting sick of that".

Too true. No release date for Spyborgs is known yet, but expect it sometime in 2009. Early screens are available.

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Diddy Kong Lover said:

Nice, a real game for once.


Rags said:

This game looks epic. Can't wait.


Wiipaw said:

"What? Who wrote this?" *both laugh* "It's funny, because I did". Major ex-dee moment. This game is going to kick some serious minigame-compilation ass. If a game trailer can mock the Wii's 3rd party shitport, then, well, awesome. You don't know how freaking excited I am about this game. 2008 will be the Wii's year.


wiifan said:

This sounds good. Puts a smile on my face after seeing capcom dissing the Wii by not bringing the most popular console a RE5. I'm bothered by this. No love for the Wii still.


hbh said:

Bionic Games is new, let's hope they're good.


Nintendoof said:

Cool, but weird. Definitely weird.


Plaugefiend said:

To me, it spells trouble in the future.


Randolph the Grey said:

Believe it or not, I think this game looks great. A cartoony, humorous look could be paired with great gameplay. Remember MadWorld, one of the few games that actually looks like it's targeted for mature gamers on Wii, it has a cel-shaded art style. Like Windwaker, the silly art style gives them the opportunity to pull off some really exaggerated and emotional moments. And the writing (excluding that fishy poop song), seems more ironic, for older gamers. I can't wait.


Ultigonio said:

Wait, wait. There are people working on it who worked on Ratchet and Clank? FREAKING WIN.


Son Ninja said:

I'm just glad it's a creative, original game and not a port, sequel, prequel, or remake of any kind from the past. The Wii deserves more originality, with No More Heroes, Endless Ocean, and now Spyborg the Wii is becoming something unseen in video games before.

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