Carnival Games trailer

As if the earlier announcement about Carnival Games wasn't enough, there's now a "wacky" trailer.

Me personally, I curse its existence on every level.

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Rob Jones

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Name123 said:

I'm never going to a carnival again.


Wiipaw said:

Is this game gonna use Miis?


Scooby Jew said:

You're not the only one, Wii's World Guy. It better not cost more than $10, otherwise that's just a damn waste of money.


Unknown said:

Don't look, this commercial is CORNY.


Ian C said:

Wow that's stupid.


Aris said:

My kids will love this. I agree about the comment with miis - Nintendo should mandate that all games and game data be associated with a Mii.


DragonFoxCoon said:

Looks like Miis might be involved. I'm not too into this game, but my sister (and possibly my mother) would love it.


Zendalf said:

Now I'm like, all depressed. I'm going to go cut myself.


Allison said:

Bad commercial but I will LOVE this game no doubt.

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