Carnival Games

Published by Global Star, Developed by Cat Daddy

Genres: Party

US release date: Jul 30th, 2007 | EU release date: -

Carnival Games


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User comments


just talkiing said:

I will kill the carnies responsible for this game!


i love wii said:

This game looks cool, I might rent it when it comes out.


Luigi said:

Maybe, Maybe not. I'm not sure yet.


wiiner said:

WOW. This looks a bit corny! It may be promising for the Wii.


Nintendoof said:

Wow! For a non-Nintendo game this game looks very interesting.


washoe said:

Whoa. It looks cool, at least better than that 'playground' game.


Amy said:

Got this game for the Wii. It is loads of fun.


babooshka said:

Now I don't need to take the time to go to the actual park when it's right here.


Dyan said:

Carnival Games is my whole family's favorite game. We rented it a couple of times and loved it. We have been trying to buy it and it has been sold out everywhere.

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Paige said:

I just got this game yesterday (the last copy at Best Buy), it's fun. Just not as fun as I expected.


brian said:

It's awesome. I love this game, I played it 5 days in a row until I hurt my shoulder.


lilyputt said:

Best for family fun. No rides, what a raw deal.


Alan said:

Dude it's like a crazy carnival in my house, it's AWESOME. Yo it's more fun than a barrel o' monkeys.

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marquez6 said:

I like that game it is so fun i will like you guys to get it and play it all day .

1 decade ago

11 posts

carlsmith2003 said:

i think it is asom

1 decade ago

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