Castle of Shikigami 3 in 2008

Castle of Shikigami 3 in 2008

Publishers Aksys have revealed they will be bringing Castle of Shikigami 3 into the US.

It's a vertical shooter game, where you pilot a ship through hordes of enemies and gunfire. According to the press release, the game will feature:

  • Tension Bonus System - Added points for being close to enemies and missiles.
  • Ten characters - Special abilities and powers for each character.
  • Rich storyline - 55 story combinations are possible, all with voiced dialog.
  • Co-Op mode - Bring a friend into the fray.
  • Dramatic Change Mode - This is exclusive to consoles, and allows you to change characters during battle to increase your chances of survival.

Already released in Japan, we can expect CoS3 sometime in Spring 2008.

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