Cave Story music problems

Cave Story music problems

If you've been playing Cave Story using the new soundtrack, you may have noticed some problems with it. The game's composer Yann van der Cruyssen has put out a note commenting on the issues:

As you've all noticed, there's a lot of weird things going on with the audio, for instance: drum tracks not playing (there is actually drums in the music files we provided), instrument changes delayed, unbalanced mixing. I discovered this yesterday by watching "Let's Play" videos, and I am as disappointed as you.

Nicklas and me have asked many times to sound check the game, but that's not really something we had control over. Of course, the music is still questionable, but I just wanted to say a few words about it since people start to associate us with all the audio oddities in that game. That's quite embarrassing, especially because I feel like we've done the job seriously considering limitations we had and time we spent sorting them out.

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Grey said:

Lol? Call me a novice but I enjoyed the game greatly without even noticing the problem. I thought it was just the music trying to be retro 0_0.


GQ said:

I thought the music was lesser on this version than the comp version. I am still happy to have cave story though.


Grey said:

I withdraw my last comment. I'm playing the game a second time right now with the older music and it definitely points to the fact that something's missing in the newer music. Hope they make a download to fix the problem.

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