Chicken Shoot appears

Chicken Shoot appears

Cluck cluck boom. Details of a new shooting game for Wii and DS have arisen. It's called Chicken Shoot, and is a colorful shooting-gallery type effort aimed at young kids.

Chicken Shoot is penned for a June release in both the US and Europe (as if you can't wait to rush out and buy it). Expect screenshots soon.

It only leaves one question in my mind. Why is a farmer shooting his chickens?

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Zendalf said:

Answer to question: they have rabies and tried to put Blink 182 songs to practice.


Scooby Jew said:

Aimed at young kids?! Oh boy! I'm definitely not getting this game every chance I get! Come on, Nintendo, I realize this console was made for every age group, but do you have to make an equal number of games for every age group? In short: Kid games= FTL.


Elementrat said:

He is hungry. I have a stupid question. Why would Nintendo make a Flash game that doesn't even work on the Wii? When I try to play it, it always tells me to download the latest Flash Player. That has to be one most ridiculous contradictions ever. Ninty: "Play our new game, Chick Chick Boom on your Wii! Actually, don't because our version of Flash Player is too old. Never mind I guess". Or I could just be completely wrong and did something stupid. Does anyone else get the message to download the new Flash Player when they try to play Chick Chick Boom on Wii?


Fire Emblem Fan 14 said:

Reminds me of that duck-shooting game!

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Nova said:

Why teach little kids how to shoot chickens?


Yung Foo' said:

Maybe it's the chickens doing the shooting.


Aris said:

As someone with young kids- I welcome games like this. One of the reasons I bought a Wii was because of Nintendo's array of kid-friendly titles. I'm sure this is the same for many people.


cmk said:

Why is a farmer shooting his chickens? Boredom and craziness. Obviously.

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